LED Matrix Master Assembly

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Info: LED Matrix Master

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1x PCB

1x 6p Right Angle Male Header

1x 5p Right Angle Female Header

Solder Headers

Facing the side with the IC the male header goes on the left for the FTDI and the female is on the right for connecting to LED Matrix Links. When soldering the female header make sure you hold it straight. What helps is to hold it and solder the middle pin. Then you can check and adjust as needed before soldering the rest.

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Once soldered its time to test it! If you are using it with the LED Matrix Links it should be pre-loaded with a test sketch. It should light up every LED on however many Matrix Links are connected. Just be carfull of power draw if you have many Matrix Links connected.

In the Arduino IDE use board type Arduino Uno.

More info and usage:


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  1. Good info to include: what Arduino board type to use (or provide boards.txt) and what Arduino pin corresponds to !SS (!CS) Thanks! –michael

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