USB Tester 2.0

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Current Version: 2.0

Purchase: Tindie or

Assembly: Here


  1. USB device connection
  2. D-/D+ test points
  3. Top connection to OLED Backpack
  4. Current test points – Fits Dual banana clips (.75in apart)
  5. Voltage test points – Fits Dual banana clips (.75in apart)
  6. ID pin breakout
  7. micro USB connection to power source or computer

The new version of the USB Tester now has micro USB, more test points for regular DMM test probes and dual banana clips, and voltage test points are spread out.  Same size and fits the same acrylic base

How to use:

Usage is the same as version 1.x but now you don’t have to worry about the banana leads touching on the back side.

Here is a link to the usage guide of the 1.x series till we update for 2.0.

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