Beta Firmware 2.3 Released

  • February 23, 2017 at 6:17 pm #905

    Firmware 2.3 for the USB Tester OLED Backpack as been released into beta. Please provide any feedback from testing here.

    The source and hex is on

    Command details

    It can be updated using the Arduino IDE or

    Note: Currently there is a bug in using to update firmware on Windows due to the COM port change when the bootloader is running. Hopefully we will have a fix soon.

    New Features
    Beta FW 2.2
    * Cleaned up old code and added comment block to every function
    * Added run timer, thanks to WeisTekEng
    * Events Trigger serial notification of start and end of threshold and percent change
    * Ability to save settings to EEPROM
    * Ability to disable display for long term logging to save on wear
    * New Commmands
    * E:0 – Disable events
    * E:1 – mA Threshold trigger – start and end uses existing W: command to set mA threshold
    * E:2 – Single percent changed
    * P:XXX – Set percent changed trigger
    * C:0 – Output current saved settings
    * C:1 – Load saved settings
    * C:2 – Save settings
    * C:3 – Output running settings
    * D:0 – Disable display
    * D:1 – Enable display

    Hold button during boot to disable loading settings from EEPROM.

    Beta FW 2.3 – Code review help from @PhilipFreidin from
    * Increase sample speed default to 1kHz! This is a biggy feature, made possible by the following optimizations
    * Increase I2C clock to 800kHz from 100kHz
    * USB D+/- ADC uses int and ADC clock set to 250khz, a bit past recommended of 200khz
    * Removed F() to free up flash and should be faster but uses 14% more RAM
    * Fixed drawEnergy, wasn’t using printjustifed2 so was rounding and displaying .00
    * Using accumulators in readADC ISR and calculate in main loop mAh, mWh and current/voltage avg
    * Optimize graph draw by moving mapping of values to drawGraph
    * Optimize map function
    * Reduce use of floats
    * Libraries now included in source folder for portablity and customization of libraries
    * Allow faster serial rate
    * TODO: Handle negative current for monitoring battery charging.

    28312 Bytes used
    360 Bytes free

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