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Current Version: 1.4

Info: USB Tester OLED Backpack

Purchase: Tindie

The USB Tester OLED backpack is an add-on for the USB Tester for displaying and data logging the voltage and current for any USB device. This allows you to easily monitor USB devices without having to connect a Digital Multi-Meter.

OLED backpack overview

OLED backpack overview

  1. USB A connection to measuring device.
  2. ICSP programming headers. (Shipping version will not have headers.) Above these headers is the RX\TX header.
  3. LED for current warning set point.
  4. OLED display which shows readout of values on the left and a mini graph on the right.
  5. USB B mini connection to computer for data logging and uploading a new firmware.
  6. Unused Digital GPIOs.
  7. Unused ADC GPIOs.
  8. Connection to USB Tester, there is another on the top side.
  9. USB B mini connection to computer or power source.
  10. Not visible is a mode button on the backside. Check out the new featuers:

Source Code: Here

Assembly: Here

Java App: Here

If you would like to purchase one you can find it on Tindie:


1-1.2: Development

1.3: First shipping version

1.4: Fixed PCB dimension layer and thickened current sensing traces

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  1. Just got my Tindie order, thanks heaps ! Noted that my OLED backpack PCB is rev 1.4, anything worth noting from a changes perspective?

  2. I am not able to get data using USB test data logger on OS X. I see two new ports when I connect the usb cable, but I got this error: “Serial could not connect”.

  3. thehardo Strange, the one you have selected should be the correct one. Can you try the chrome app? If you still have problems please email support so I can better help you.

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